One day a little four-month-old adopted boy came to my little family. Next morning, looking how my wife slept with our new son like absolutely unfamiliar peoples, I started this project.

It is impossible to lie when you sleep, we are absolutely natural in the spaces of our beds. The short time before awakening shows you the true about relationships of your closest peoples, the real level of trust between them. About one and half year I had been capturing  at the same time in the morning the transforming of love between my wife and our son.

But then my wife suddenly died and I have been asked another question: what remains of our feelings when the people you loved pass away? What will you do with love that cannot be shared with the one you loved? The bright future of the morning has been dramatically changed by the twilight of being.

So I decided to carry the “Awakening” project on changing my wife with myself and fixing not only awakening with my son, but also falling asleep. So the second part of the story explores interacting between the living and the dead, between memory and reality, between the past and the future.

Death is only a side issue of Awakening. This story was conceived from the beginning as an attempt at the parable of Love, a universal story, where there are just nameless Child, Woman and Man, in whose place anyone could be, because each of us will have his own story of Love.