How much do we know about people who have been living with cancer for many years? It happens when tumors are inoperable or cannot be completely eliminated with chemotherapy or radiation therapy and at the same time the cancer has not spread metastases to the most important organs of the human body. The most important problems for a person with such a cancer scenario are finding ways to curb the development of the disease and combating numerous pain syndromes and constant stress, which do not allow to live fully, further depleting the body. In addition, it is often difficult for outsiders to understand what problems such cancer patients face.
Maryna Dikhtyar has an extremely rare type of cancer – abdominal mesothelioma. She was diagnosed with the disease in 2014. Three years later she raised money and underwent surgery to remove tumors in Germany, but doctors there found that it was impossible to completely cure the cancer surgically.
After this operation, Marina lost sleep and still can not sleep for at least a few hours at night without strong sleeping pills. However, despite the insomnia and exhaustion of Marina’s body, she lacks faith in victory and the strength of will to continue her struggle.
Maryna prefers to call herself a “survivor” rather than a serious cancer patient. Because doctors after the operation in Germany said she would be able to live for about six months. But since then has passed much more.